July 19, 2012

My weight loss program - Simple way to lose weight fast in a week - continue, i feel much better with the result since i found  the article "how to lose weight fast naturally". Last night when searching more information about how to lose weight my eyes captured one article about corelation between supplements and weight loss. Its says that one of the supplement, which is Co enzyme Q10 AKA CoQ10 or Ubiquinone (derived form the words 'ubiquitous' which means that 'they are found everywhere') or even Vitamin Q goes hand in hand with weight loss.

What is Coenzyme Q10?

Other Names: CoQ10, Co Q10, Ubiquinone, Vitamin Q

Coenzyme Q10 is a naturally-occuring compound found in every cell in the body. Coenzyme Q10's alternate name, ubiquinone, comes from the word ubiquitous, which means "found everywhere."

CoQ10 plays a key role in producing energy in the mitochondria, the part of a cell responsible for the production of energy in the form of ATP.
Why People Use Coenzyme Q10

    * Heart failure
    * Cardiomyopathy
    * Heart Attack Prevention and Recovery
    * High Blood Pressure
    * Diabetes
    * Gum Disease
    * Kidney Failure
    * Migraine
    * Counteract Prescription Drug Effects
    * Parkinson's disease
    * Weight loss

The CoQ10 are the ones that improve the activities of the enzymes present in the body and they are important for better health of the cells, the tissues and also the organs of our body. They are compounds which are naturally formed in our body.


A typical CoQ10 dosage is 30 to 90 mg per day, taken in divided doses, but the recommended amount can be as high as 200 mg per day.

CoQ10 is fat-soluble, so it is better absorbed when taken with a meal that contains oil or fat.
The clinical effect is not immediate and may take up to eight weeks.

for Safety please Consult your doctor before trying CoQ10, especially if you have heart disease, kidney failure, or cancer.

Side effects of CoQ10 may include diarrhea and rash.

CoQ10 is used in combination with standard treatment, not to replace it.

CoQ10 may lower blood sugar levels, so people with diabetes should not use CoQ10 unless under a doctor's supervision. CoQ10 may also lower blood pressure.

The safety of Co q10 in pregnant or nursing women or children has not been established.

Coq10 and weight loss

Coq10 weight loss provides the necessary energy to fuel our resistance procedure as it can handle an attack against coming into bad viruses, and helps the release of fat from storage by improving clean air utilization. Our technology of CoQ10 decreases as we age so it`s necessary to complement with the correct form of this substance to achieve the important advantages.

The primary unit of energy used by the mitochondria of our tissues is known as ATP and coq10 weight loss is the only substance kind company which can be used by your human human body to make this critical fuel. A rarity of this coenzyme means our muscular mass don`t work properly and the aging is quicker. Coenzyme Q10 is also a successful toxic washing which has been confirmed to effect arterial strength.

The results of a study launched in the book Diet and Fat burning capacity show that preparing Coenzyme Q10 with other successful anti-oxidants such as Natural vitamins C, E and selenium significantly improved an range of heart threats such as arterial work, method pressure stage, blood sugar levels and safety HDL cholestrerol levels.

This is a fat soluble substance, hence many people who suffer from heart problems and need to keep their weight low, take in this enzyme. Hence, the exercises are a good combination for losing weight fast. This happens because, they stimulate the metabolism of the body. This enzyme is also used for providing help during heart attacks, or during cancer, or periodontal disease and muscular dystrophy. Foods like meat, poultry products and fish, are rich in this enzyme. Oils like soy, olive, coconut, sunflower, nuts like peanuts, walnuts, almonds, and vegetables like parsley, broccoli, fruits such as apple, oranges, grapefruits, etc, are also rich in CoQ10. If you have these foods daily and follow a healthy diet, then with the production of these exercises, one can lose weight fast. Let us now see, how this enzyme helps in losing weight fast and also what are the problems linked with it.

Coq10 weight loss benefits - CoQ10 Possible for Weight Loss ?

The enzyme increases the metabolism rate in our body which burns up the food that we eat, faster.This enzyme is present more in the liver, pancreas and the heart than in the lungs. The presence of CoQ10, not only improves the metabolism rate in our body, but it also improves the immune system. Deficiency of the co enzyme Q10, in an individual, reduces the level of metabolism due to which the person might face several problems related to weight. Presence of CoQ10 also keeps the heart in a good condition, which again is good for the weight of our body. This enzyme also lowers the blood pressure level. With all the major problems solved with the help of Co enzyme Q10 and weight loss exercises, one can easily lose weight fast.

Coenzyme Q10 provides needed energy to create the strength of exercising as it increases clean air utilization and fat metabolic quantity. By helping the efficiency of how raw energy elements are become ATP, coenzyme Q10 encourages energy and manages how quickly fat is launched from our white adipose tissues. Experts have found that preparing Coenzyme Q10 with regular fitness significantly increases fat release compared with just exercising alone.

The significance of coq10 weight loss to individual health and fitness has been confirmed by a lot of officially confirmed studies. Benefits include improved heart and resistance procedure health and fitness from the nutritional supplements ability to less expensive pain, increase toxic washing position and assist metabolic work. Most grownups need to complement with 100 mg each day to create health and fitness and a much less expensive option disease probability.

Certain Issues

If a person takes around 100mg or a little more than that CoQ10, then they might suffer from insomnia. Taking more than the usual content can also cause liver problems in some people. If a person takes CoQ10 thinking that weight loss is somehow related, then they should be ready to face certain side effects such as headaches, heartburn and also fatigue. The person might also suffer from involuntary muscle movements or maybe diarrhea and some skin infection. If this enzyme is mixed with a blood thinning medicine, then there are chances that the person might suffer from prolonged bleeding. So one has to take the doctor's permission before taking in CoQ10 for losing weight.

So, now you know about the CoQ10 and it's uses as well as problems. But before taking in CoQ10 for losing weight (as you might be under the impression that CoQ10 and weight loss goes hand in hand), do take the permission of the doctor and follow what he says is the best for you.

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  1. "Its says that one of the supplement, which is Co enzyme Q10 AKA CoQ10 or Ubiquinone (derived form the words 'ubiquitous' which means that 'they are found everywhere') or even Vitamin Q goes hand in hand with weight loss."

    Can you give more details about the relationship between ubiqionol and weight loss? I really don't get it.

    1. Hi Christine, thank you for stopping by :-)
      Please refer to these source :
      Sources :
      http:// www.buzzle. com/articles/coq10-and-weight-loss.html
      http:// altmedicine.about. com/cs/supplements/a/CoenzymeQ10.htm
      http:// www. low-cholesteroldiet. com/read/weight-loss/coq10-weight-loss.html
      you can find more details about the relationship between ubiqionol and weight loss.

  2. Just like with your diet and workout, supplements can also work wonders on the efficiency of your exercise. Understanding the effects of an element, especially the Coenzyme Q10, will help people understand the better fit for their needs. Since Coenzyme Q10 provides the energy you need, it can definitely help you go through more rigid workouts. :)


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