October 21, 2012

ECO-friendly Baby Diaper

What kind of diaper should i choose for my newborn baby ? I guess the same question always come to appear in the head of some pregnant women at their very last month of pregnancy. Well, we can find many types of baby diapers in the market. So we will choose the best one that suit and comfortable for our baby. Doctors widely recommend "hypoallergenic disposable" baby diapers as baby's skin is very sensitive.

These 5 Things you must keep in mind before you buy a baby diaper:

1. Avoid Purchasing Big Packs: Do not buy big packs of diapers because your baby might not like to use them. Then rest of them will be waste for you. So prefer buying a small pack rather than a big pack in initial purchase.

2. Be Careful About Your Baby's Skin: Your baby's skin may get affected badly from the diaper. Check if the baby's skin is developing rashes. It pays to know the nature of your baby's skin.

3. Go For Trusted Brands Only: You should not purchase diapers just by getting attracted with the low price of diapers even though you don't know anything about them. The diapers you choose must be medically tested before you test them on your baby itself.

4. Try to Observe Its Impact: It is not you who will wear the diaper, it is your baby. So it becomes more important for you to observe its impact on your baby.

5. Quality Should Be The First Parameter: The first criteria for choosing any diaper should be its quality. However, if you find another product having same quality but lower price, then go for it.

If you find out that the diaper is creating too much discomfort or disturbances to your baby, then you should change it. But for that you will have to observe the reaction of your baby.

Just for additional info; there's a natural diaper that respects your baby's skin, performs like a super premium diaper, offers a competitive price...and respects the environment all at once. It's Totally chlorine-free pulp Dioxins and organochlorides are not released into the air or water and uses 20-30% less petroleum-based materials than the leading brands, Backsheet and topsheet material made from annually renewable resources 30-40% more sustainable materials than the leading brands. Comparable features and performance to national brand premium products.

"the first ECO-friendly high-performance diaper, based on new green technology, protected by a Swedish patent. It has an exclusive 100% chlorine-free absorbent material and the material against the baby's skin is based on corn instead of plastic, like traditional diapers. 100% compostable, breathable and extremely kind for the baby. The packaging is 100% compostable and based on corn."

So... curious which diaper it is ??
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