December 28, 2012

A practical "Home Gym" for those dedicated to good health!

While a membership to your local gym may sound like a good idea, the costs can quickly add up and you may find it difficult to get there on a regular basis after work and taking care of your family all day. Having a home gym is an ideal solution because it allows you to sneak in a quick workout whenever your schedule permits. If your garage is currently serving only as a catch-all for your family's junk, it may be the perfect location for a gym. In fact, with a few improvements, it can become your favorite place to work out. Does this Spark an idea?

"Garage gym" (Home Gym) is the most convenient place to work out. Any committed person is bound to work-out more in a home garage gym. Conditioning is an intense process and the quick access a home garage gym offers, makes it an ideal location. Conditioning is an intense process, usually involving several different types of exercise, and requires a comfortable and durable flooring surface in order to meet the needs of this vigorous workout regime. Also the equipment needs to be practical, easy to use and easy on the pocket book. Although in my opinion you can not out a price on your physical or mental health. I find that a nice run not only invigorates my body, it is big time therapy for my mind.

Here are 5 steps to set up your Home Gym

Paint the Walls
Some days, you may be looking for excuses to avoid working out. Do not let an unattractive gym space give you an out. To give your garage gym a more welcoming vibe, paint the walls a bright, cheerful color. Opt for a warm shade like yellow, red or orange to help liven up the space. If you feel like your garage door is an eyesore, paint its backside and the surrounding wall as well so the door seamlessly blends into the room.

Improve the Flooring

Your garage likely has a cement floor that can be cold, damp and drab. To give your workout space the feeling of a health club, install rubber flooring tiles. Rubber flooring is an ideal option for a garage gym because it helps insulate the floor and provides plenty of traction. It is also low maintenance and absorbs sound, which may be helpful if you like to work out with loud music. An added benefit to rubber flooring is that you can drive on it so you are still able to park your car in the garage when necessary.

Install Cabinets

If you have a wide range of exercise equipment and accessories, storage space is a must for keeping your garage gym neat and organized. Adding a cabinet or shelving unit with doors allows you to stow hand weights, jump ropes, boxing gloves, exercise DVDs, yoga mats, exercise bands and other equipment without being seen so your gym always has a tidy appearance. If you plan to use exercise DVDs in your gym or like to watch television while on the treadmill or exercise bike, you may also want to add an entertainment center.

Consider Utilities

Some exercise equipment such as a treadmill will require electricity. If you want to give the garage a brighter feel, you may also add lights that need to be plugged into an outlet. When designing your garage gym, make sure there are sufficient electrical outlets for all of the equipment that you plan to install. In addition, if you plan to watch TV in the room, you will need an additional cable connection so contact your cable provider to determine what steps need to be taken.

Vary Your Equipment

If your garage gym only features one type of exercise equipment, you are more likely to become bored and fall out of a workout routine. Try to add as much of a variety of equipment to your gym as your budget allows. A basic exercise bike and manual treadmill are typically affordable options. Free weights are usually less expensive than machines. A punching bag can be a fun addition to a home gym, and if your garage ceiling cannot support a hanging bag, a freestanding unit is an effective alternative. Start a library of exercise DVDs to allow for a variety of workouts to help keep you from getting bored.

Below I have including some of equipments for you to choose to build or set up your Home Gym with affordable budget.

The products I compiled here (from are the ones most people use and affordable too. This is a great way to start in the making of your dream home gym! I have the list in order in which is best to buy first while saving up for the rest of the list as you go. We can have all this setup in a 10'X 10' garage or room.

Make your garage gym a warm and fund place to be in. Put a TV or a stereo in there. Tape your favorite music or shows and get lost in the mood and the intensity of your workout. Leave the cell phone or other sources of stress outside the room and immerse yourself in the process. Remember A workout is really about the quality of the journey!"

Home Gym Equipments

Equipments Info :
1.  Rubber Cal Puzzle Lock Interlocking Floor Mats >>>> Click Here to see Details
2.  Nautilus 100181-T516 Treadmill >>>> Click Here to see Details
3.  Ab Bootcamp Billy Blanks >>>> Click Here to see Details
4.  Spinner® Pro Bike >>>> Click Here to see Details
5.  Body Vision-PT600 Power Tower >>>> Click Here to see Details
6.  Cap Barbell Solid Curl Bar with Collars >>>> Click Here to see Details
7.  Olympic Grip Plate-45LB(EA) >>>> Click Here to see Details
8.  CAP Barbell Standard Plate Rack, Black and White >>>> Click Here to see Details
9.  Bowflex SelectTech Adjustable Dumbbells (Pair) >>>> Click Here to see Details

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