August 25, 2014

How to brew starbucks coffee in a french press
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How to brew starbucks coffee in a french press delightfuly


Its undeniable that coffee is our regular companion, occasional lifesaver. We drink it to pull us out of heavy-eyed, to keep us aware and ready to act at the office, and as an excuse to hang around with friends after a nice meal.

If you’re a Starbucks regular who's want to start saving money or just want to try spend your week end morning time by making your own coffee at home, there are still a number of ways which can guarantee you've made the perfect cup of coffee, even by Starbucks standards. Here i’ve curated some tips How to brew delicious starbucks coffee in a french press at home.

For Sussanah Chen, Certified Starbucks Coffee Master Zach Mercer tells that there are four important factors that affect the quality of your home brew.

Four important factors that affect the quality of your home brew

  1. Water. Source the best water you can find. At any given Starbucks, water goes through a triple filtration process as a baseline; use filtered water whenever possible.
  2. Proportion. The common guideline is 10 grams of coffee (about two good tablespoons) to six ounces of water. Zach's done the math: this equals about 0.12 pounds of coffee for a standard French press.
  3. Freshness. Once open, Starbucks recommends using a bag of roasted coffee beans within seven days. At Starbucks stores, Clover coffee beans are stored in an airtight container, and Starbucks coffee bags have a one-way air valve that enables Starbucks to ship coffee anywhere. Squeeze the package to smell gases.
  4. Grind. Once your roasted coffee beans have been ground, they should be used immediately — otherwise, just like wine, they begin to oxidize. The brewing process will determine the coarseness of the grind: French press coffee is the coarsest, followed by drip coffee, espresso, and ultra-finely ground Turkish coffee. Zach strongly recommends getting a coffee grinder for your home, and recommends a Burr grinder for the most consistent ground size.
Mean while, In an interview with Business Week The chairman and CEO of Starbucks - Howard Schultz, has shockingly revealed that the best way to make a cup of coffee is not his brand's (Starbucks) way. 

Furthermore, Mr. Schultz says the absolute best way to make coffee at home is using an 8-cupBodum French press. Brewing coffee traditionally does not extract the oils, flavor, and essence of blends or a single varietal. The French press brings out those flavors. It’s a more robust or, in lay terms, a muddier cup of coffee. 

The French Press itself lets the coffee beans develop their fullest aroma so it doesn’t come as a surprise that it is the brewing method of choice for coffee tasters trying to determine quality beans.

Howard Schultz - the best way to make a cup of coffee :

  1. Put approximately two tablespoons of coffee per cup in the glass beaker.
  2. Let your filtered water reach a rolling boil before you pour it in.
  3. After the water and coffee steep for three to four minutes, stir it to make sure the grinds are wet and submerged.
  4. Then press the coffee down.

I never add milk to my French press, absolutely no milk. And since the French press should not be on a burner, transfer the coffee to a thermos. Drink it within an hour or two, at the max. You’ll have the best cup of coffee known to mankind said Mr. Schultz to Susan Berfield  from businessweek.

Coffee press tips :
  • Always use clean, filtered water for the best-tasting coffee
  • Don't overfill the coffeemaker or press the filter down too fast, otherwise it may overflow. 
  • Be sure to clean your coffee press between uses.

Have you ever tried to making your own coffee at home with French press? What are your proportions and tips for home brewing? Don't shy to share with us here at comment section below.

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