August 8, 2012

How to tie pashmina scarf

Pashminas are a wardrobe staple for many stylish women and for good reason too. As a scarf, a stole or shawl, whatever the size, their allure is the same. A pashmina scarf is a fabulous fashion investment. Pashminas can transform an outfit, bringing a splash of color and style to a woman's wardrobe. Pashmina scarves are also essential for travel as they can be used as a wrap in a cold airplane or restaurant. There are many different ways to wear and tie this versatile essential-pashmina scarf, from day to night, from winter to summer.

Here are few stunning ways to wear your pashmina scarf :

Things You'll Need :
> Pashmina scarf :
  • Fold your pashmina scarf lengthwise in half. Make sure the folded edge is at the top or facing you.
  • Fold the pashmina scarf in half again, this time along its width. You have an end of the scarf that is folded and an end that is open.
  • Place the folded pashmina scarf around your neck. Pull the open end of the scarf through the loop at the folded end.
  • Wear your pashmina in the "Hollywood" style. Two pashmina scarves are required for this favorite celebrity look. Intertwine the two pashminas, drape them around your neck and toss one end over your shoulder.
  • Drape the pashmina scarf around your shoulders and wear it as a shawl. This is the simplest and most functional look. The pashmina will keep you warm while looking stylish. To secure the pashmina, tie it in the front or just let it drape down.
How to tie pashmina scarf : Classic Drape

2. Classic Drape :

A softly feminine look that works well into the evenings.
  • Fold your shawl once in half length ways.
  • Bring it behind you with the folded edge facing up (north).
  • With your right hand grab the tasseled end and bring it up over your left shoulder, tucking the tassels well behind.
  • Then simply bring the left end up and throw it over your right shoulder.
  • Fiddle with it a bit to loosen the drape to suit.
  • For a looser look, don't fold the shawl, simply bring it behind your shoulders and centre it. Leave one end dangle in front and sweep the other end up and over your shoulder. 
Tip: To add a point of interest or colour match with your over all look, try pinning a gorgeous brooch just under the rise of your shoulder. Pin 3 in a group for wondrous effect. Remember, balance in odd numbers. 

How to tie pashmina scarf : Loop de Loop

3. Loop de Loop:

Another old favourite that is perhaps best left for a day time look or if it's necessary for ultra warmth at night tucked into your coat!
  • Fold your shawl once in half length ways.
  • Then bring the tasseled ends together so that its folded in half the other way.
  • Bring it behind your neck, one hand on the folded end, the other on the tassels. Centre it about your neck.
  • Grab the tasseled ends and feed them through the loop.
  • Pull the loop down and across to the place that you think works well for you...tightly or loosely 
Tip: To spice things up a little, try using two shawls folded the same way and looped through at the same time for a more striking two-toned look. High contrasting colours for a lively statement, tonally similar for a more subtle effect.

How to tie pashmina scarf : Knot Tonight Dear

4. Knot Tonight Dear :

This look will give you a little more coverage but will create lovely interest as it goes. A day or night look.
  • Leave your shawl flat and bring it around behind your shoulders. Centre it.
  • Pick a point in from the right tasseled end about 30cm in on the outside face of your shawl.
  • Pinch it with your fingers and grab it firmly in your fist. Do the same on the left.
  • You're going to tie those fisted bits together into a knot.
  • Bring your fists together and check the length. If you feel its going to be too loose when you tie them, just grab a new fist full further along. Do the opposite if you think it's going to be too tight.
  • Tie the knot and pick at it a little until it looks presentable.
  • You may need to fold down the top edge along your shoulders if you think it's going to fall down. Wriggle about in it to get it sitting right. All done!

Tip: You can tie your sarongs the same way...up high or about the and sizzlingly summer!

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