August 27, 2012

Lose weight naturally without dieting

Why Diets Don't Work

Acording to Jon Gabriel, During his own weight loss transformation, he learned something that most people find impossible to believe (yet, it's a simple, biological truth).

Here's what Jon learned:

Diets don't work. Actually, most dieters end up gaining back all the weight they've lost and then some more. When you diet, you put yourself in "starvation mode" so your body responds by gaining fat the first chance it gets. This is how your FAT (Famine & Temperature) Programs become activated, and this is where term "yo-yo" dieter comes from. First you lose weight, then your body panics because of famine, then the moment you eat freely again, your body does everything it can to store what you eat as fat.

Have you ever experienced this?

“Your mind is your greatest tool for transforming your body and your life,” says best-selling author, Jon Gabriel, and I completely agree. Diets and exercise programs work great for some, but after you stop the program, many people yo-yo back and regain all the lost weight.

Why is that?

Jon says that your body gains weight to protect you from real or perceived dangers in your life. Things like stress, trauma, and hardship. You might have seen Jon on the TODAY Show or heard him on Coast to Coast radio as he’s become a leading authority
on non-diet weight loss.

Jon’s mind-body approach makes a lot of sense, and more importantly, it’s worked for thousands of people. Jon says: “When you find out the real causes of your weight gain, the transformation process is natural and easy.”

How Chronic Dieting is Affecting Your Weight

If you’re like many clients I work with - says Jon, you’ve unintentionally put your body into what’s referred to as a “famine state.” When you restrict the amount of food you eat, your body responds to this self-imposed famine by storing fat and making it nearly impossible to lose weight.

It’s a catch-22…

Worse still, restrictive diets reduce your essential nutrient intake so your body goes into a nutritional famine at the same time, leading to uncontrollable food cravings. To your body, dieting and any other type of restriction is seen as a threat, and it adapts by activating your FAT Programs. While fat might seem like your worst enemy, in certain circumstances, your body sees gaining and storing fat as the best way to protect you.

Want to Turn Off Your FAT Programs? Start now…

•  Add “big 3” foods to your meals every day (protein, omega 3 fatty acids, live food)
•  Forget about fad diets & gimmicks
•  Remember that chronic dieting leads to chronic weight problems, while naturally thin people never diet or even think about it. 

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Lose weight naturally without dieting
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